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25 Swiss Craft Spirits:


Taste and discover Swiss gin, whiskey, rum, liqueurs, fruit brandies, absinthe, vodka and vermouth from the 25 numbered 2 cl bottles! In the BOX you will also find a booklet with exciting information about products and producers.


In the CRAFT DISTILLERS BOX you will find samples (2cl) of all these products :



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Do you want to know everything about the products in the CRAFT DISTILLERS BOX? Here you will find exciting stories, product features and tasting notes.

Turicum Wood Barreled Gin -  41.5% vol

Turicum Distillery GmbH

Canton: ZH


Distilled in the heart of Zurich, the Turicum Wood Barreled Gin was stored for several weeks with a selection of cedar, sandal and oak wood. In addition to its amber-colored exterior, the wood gives this gin a special depth paired with notes of vanilla and cocoa. Spicy, intense aromas such as cardamom, nutmeg and pepper are accompanied by a subtle sweetness that is reminiscent of dried orange peel, candied fruit and cedarwood. On the palate, it does justice to the predicate London Dry Gin, as it has a dry tannin-like aroma. However, this is skilfully integrated with sweet notes of caramel, cocoa and dark tobacco. Over time, dry citrus notes develop on the palate, giving to this force of aromas a welcome freshness.

Seven SealsSherry Wood Finish - 46% vol

Seven Seals Distillery AG

Canton: NW


At Seven Seals, time is by no means the main aspect of whisky refinement. The decisive factor is the taste! The Seven Seals Sherry Wood Finish Single Malt Whisky has already won several awards. This year it won a whole category at the World Whisky Awards. It is reminiscent of a walk through a funfair. The scents of toffee, gingerbread, roasted almonds, candy and Christmas spices fill your nose spontaneously. On the palate, these flavors combine in a harmonious way and develop a long-lasting toffee-nut note. A hint of orange remains for a long time.


Zenzerello Classico - 24% vol

Fratelli Zenzerelli GmbH

Canton: BE


The essence of the „miracle root“ is the basis of Zenzerello. Made with a lot of love, processed and pressed by hand, the freshest ginger liqueur in Switzerland has been created in two variations. On the one hand, there is the Classico. Ginger and lemon in perfect balance, fresh as a spring breeze and with a mild spiciness in the throat. On the other hand there is the Fortissimo. Sharper and more direct, the full load of ginger. Perfect for drinks and cocktails. Regardless of whether it should be hot or cold, fruity or rather dry. For die-hard people and lovers of the gnarled tuber, the Fortissimo is also a feast for the palate as a shot.


Schweizer Absinth - 75% vol

Stadtbrennerei - Trink GmbH

Canton: BS


«La Bleue» from the Stadtbrennerei. A radical, purist celebration of the Swiss absinthe tradition. Wormwood, wormwood, wormwood and just a few other herbal ingredients: anise, fennel, angelica seeds and coriander. Macerated in the finest grain distillate and water and gently distilled again. Absinthe is traditionally diluted to your favorite drinking strength with ice water.



Basilisk Old Tom Gin -  40% vol

GL Spirit Company GmbH

Canton: BL


The Basilisk Old Tom Gin was nominated the world's best Old Tom Gin on February 27, 2020 in London as the first Swiss Product in this category. The Basilisk Old Tom Gin mainly contains botanicals that are known from Basel cuisine. In the nose, the aromas of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, paired with the mouth aroma of the hibiscus, are clearly noticeable. The Basilisk Old Tom Gin is soft and sweet on the palate. The lovely note in connection with the mouth aromas create a perfect taste profile with a harmonious finish.

La Bruna Grappa Ticinese - 40% vol

Vini & Distillati Angelo Delea SA

Canton: TI


A harmonious blend of different grappas, stored in fine French oak barrels for at least 8 years. Discontinuous distillation in the modern distillery with a boiler made of copper and stainless steel that is electronically controlled, with a strict separation of head and tail. Intense and warm grappa with aromas of vanilla, tobacco, orange peel and raisins. Served at 15 ° C in a Delea Grappa glass in the shape of a tulip crown.

Bermontis - 27% vol

Bermontis GmbH

Canton: SG


Bermontis is a liqueur made from only natural raw materials and without chemical ingredients. Due to the fruity note, Bermontis does not turn into a bitter, like most herbal liqueurs, but a sweet and slightly spicy experience with a pleasantly strong finish. The Bermontis liqueur is made with great passion for detail, which is why every label is stuck on and labeled by hand. The quality is guaranteed through personal control and filling in small batches. It tastes just as good as an aperitif before a meal as a digestif afterwards - or just like that, in between, with good friends. Bottom up!

1653 Old Barrel Rum - 44.8% vol

Distillerie Studer & Co AG

Canton: LU


Christian Schybi was the son of a landlord, soldier recruiting, Entlebuch rebel, leader in the Peasants' War of 1653 - and husband of Maria Studer, an ancestor of the Studer distillery. To commemorate this charismatic man, the 1653 Old Barrel Rumhas been created. Made in Entlebuch, from Latin American sugar cane molasses, the heart of every rum, water from the own source and with the distilling tradition of the Studer company. Aged in Swiss oak barrels and composed of 3 to 6 year old rums, it is mild but full of character. Inherently and at the same time rebellious. We think Christian Schybi would have liked it.


Sama Sama Ingwer Likör - 16% vol

kulturbrand GmbH

Canton: LU


Sip of Sustainability! Sama Sama Ginger Liqueur holds a lot of fresh ginger juice.

This ginger juice is organic & fairtrade. After all, transparent trading and sustainable use of resources are important to the producers.

Sama Sama Ginger Liqueur is Swiss made, vegan and is suitable as a shot, long drink or in a cocktail - gingerLOVE for you and your friends!

Drink responsibly and cheers sustainably.


Lorraine édition - 22% vol

Le vigneron famille Schor & Tradition

Canton: BE


Two well-known inventors from Bern's Lorraine district have come up with the perfect recipe for the cultivated inebriation. “Liqueur de Lorraine”: Hanz Vodka from Bern, hemp from Herba di Berna, apple juice from Bänz and sugar from Aarberg.

Vodka and hemp - does that sound like an explosive mixture? Alexandre Schor: «Our liqueur is first and foremost a refreshing drink; it tastes like juicy citrus fruits, followed by subtle and at the same time exciting vodka aromas. " And the hemp? “The hemp note follows at the very end and is discreet in the palate area. Only CBD grass is used, i.e. plants without THC content. The combination is by no means dangerous - at most, it is dangerously good. "


Goldwaescher Pure Rye Virgin Oak Whisky - 43% vol

DIWISA Distillerie Willisau SA

Canton: LU



A long time ago the gold panners stood in the streams of the rugged hilly landscape in the Lucerne hinterland, hands dipped in the clear water. They dug, outdoors, for days. Until it was in their pans: shiny gold. This whisky was also „mined“. With a lot of patience, this whisky was made from local ingredients. No compromises have been made when it comes to the Goldwaescher Pure Rye Virgin Oak Whisky: 100% Swiss rye, distilled in small batches. Matured at the warehouse in new, burned-out Swiss oak barrels and exposed to changing temperatures. Three years old, strong and spicy, with sweet and greasy-smoky nuances. A Virgin Oak whisky with character.


The Gull Cold Brew and Whisky Liqueur - 21% vol

Brauerei Locher AG

Canton: AI


The coffee-whiskey liqueur "The Gull" was created when two traditional houses came together: Mövenpick from Baar and the Brauerei Locher in Appenzell. They combined the cold brew coffee “Der Himmlische” with the “Säntis Malt Edition Sigel. With this preparation method, the aroma of the coffee beans is extracted using cold instead of hot water. To do this, you have to let the liquid sit for a while. Mövenpick gives the freshly ground Arabica beans ten hours. The cold brew is then combined with a barrel-aged whiskey from the Brauerei Locher. The creamy Swiss liqueur tastes like pears, caramel, malt, vanilla, liquorice and of course coffee. Best served ice cold from the freezer.


Tabacchino Gin - 43% vol

Draft Brothers GmbH

Canton: ZH


The Tabacchino GIN is “Bella Italia” in one sip. The intense, fresh scent of the bergamot gives it an elegant citrus note. This is caressed by cocoa, which is reminiscent of the finest chocolate with a slight sweetness. The El Paraiso coffee from the highlands of Colombia rounds off the whole thing with a touch of roasted aromas, which unfold on the palate like an Italian espresso. The combination of these botanicals results in a new, unique gin that is second to none.

Ingwerer - 24% vol

Peppe GmbH

Canton: BE


Ingwerer is a handmade ginger liqueur that has always been: fruity on the tongue, sharp in the finish. It gets even sharper if you shake the bottle beforehand. Organic ingredients ensure the unmistakable taste: fresh ginger, juicy apples, exquisite spices and raw cane sugar. These flavor carriers are macerated in quality fruit brandy using the traditional maceration process. Ginger is produced by hand in the city of Bern and has a vegan certification. It is drunk pure as a shot as well as in refreshing cocktails or warming drinks.


Fassbind Les Fûts Uniques Williams - Umburana Cask - 45.8% vol

S. Fassbind AG

Canton: SZ



This full-bodied Williams pear proves how Swiss Williams and Brazilian wild cherry wood (Umburana) can be combined harmoniously to create a perfect wedding. A wonderful ripe fruit spirit with a subtropical character. The double-distilled Williams pear matured for a year in an Umburana Cask from Germana in the cellars of the distillery in Oberarth. After maturating, it is cold-filtered and bottled, labeled, numbered and packaged by hand. Each filling takes place in a batch process and is only available in limited editions.


Hibille - 21% vol

Tenoris GmbH

Canton: ZH


Real vanilla, fresh apple and lemon combined with hibiscus result in the unique taste of the perfect aperitif or as a basis for exclusive cocktails. Because the focus is on the natural taste, Hibille is lovingly made without artificial aromas in a small Swiss, artisanal factory. The natural hibiscus blossoms and vanilla pods are added together with the other ingredients for 10 days in a special process. They can so develop their aroma and their strong red color. Hibille convinces with a flowery-fruity taste and the light vanilla note in the finish. You can't put more nature in a liquor bottle!


Weisser Vermouth - 17.5% vol

Manifatture Mondini

Canton: BL


The Weisser Vermouth from Me.D.Man. lives through the passion for exquisite and high quality drinks, which are handmade with natural products. A composition of a spice mixture which not only emphasizes the typical wormwood flavor but also brings a distinctive and fresh citrus fruit note with it. It is recommended to be enjoyed cold (4/6 ° C) with or without ice. This Vermouth is also excellent to use as a mixing component for cocktails.


Gin Bisbino Classic - 40% vol

Bisbino Sagl

Canton: TI


The first gin from Ticino is organically certified and is flavored with secret botanicals from the Valle di Muggio in Ticino. The Monte Bisbino is the mountain from which this gin takes its name. Its character, structure and history are inspired by this mountain. Many herbs, inflorescences and berries are included in the recipe for the Gin Bisbino. These are grown organically with conviction and care in the splendid historical gardens of Sagno, where they get plenty of sun. This place is ideal for cultivating valuable botanicals, which has a positive effect on the taste of Gin Bisbino.

Christoffel Rötali - 23% vol

Christoffel Rötali GmbH

Canton: GR


"Ünscha Rötali" - is an original from Graubünden. With the creation of this Rötalis, the family has created a taste profile whose nuances and aromas are based on a selection of the finest ingredients. Christoffel Rötali is made with pure mountain spring water, which the forefathers of the Rötali production used. With noble spirit and high-quality spices, everything is married together and a unique taste profile is created. Rötali gets its deep red color and its irresistibly fruity aroma from handpicked Swiss cherries and pure, natural ingredients as well as his manual processing. Christoffel Rötali's legacy goes back almost 100 years. By maintaining the family tradition and striving for the highest level of perfection, this unique Graubünden product is created and becomes the perfect Rötali for “fruity moments”.

Jinja - 20% vol

Canton: BE


In 2017, some friends in Bern came up with the idea of making their own ginger liqueur from as many regional ingredients as possible. The today wellknown Jinja was born.

The basics of Jinja are fresh organic ginger, apple juice from the Hurni & Sohn cider factory, cane sugar and organic lemons. The mixture is then mixed with Hanz Vodka. By using this high quality vodka, which is made without artificial additives, the Jinja becomes very soft in the finish. The fresh organic ginger also gives a spicy and strong taste experience. Jinja is handcrafted in Bern with a lot of passion.

Jinja can be used in many ways: as a shot, in a mojito, as a hot drink or as a shot in beer or prosecco.


Hanz Vodka - 40% vol

Hanz Spirituosen

Canton: BE


Hanz Vodka is classicly filtered through activated charcoal. This method has always been an important processing step for the production of quality vodka and is therefore a tradition.

Hanz vodka is produced locally in Bern, using modern Russian technology.

Hanz Vodka is absolutely fresh in taste, has a pleasant texture and is soft on the finish. Simply good.


NOOS - Premium Walnut Liqueur - 30% vol

Manifattura Branchi

Canton: TI


NOOS – from «nos», «nut» in Swiss italian dialect – is a complex, nutty and aromatic liqueur. On a mystical night around the summer solstice, the yet unripe walnuts are handpicked by barefoot women. Cut by hand, they are then put to macerate with various spices in the finest Grappa from Ticino and exposed to the weather for 40 nights. That’s what the pagan legend says, that’s how Manifattura Branchi does it. With NOOS, Manifattura Branchi has captured the mystical energy of the night in this bottle. Just for your legendary experience.


Abricot Coeur - 41% vol

Louis Morand & Cie SA

Canton: VS


Eaux-de-vie Coeur Morand: The essence of the Valais fruits.

On the fertile Valais alluvial soil, apricots, Williams pears and quinces of incomparable quality grow, which give these eaux-de-vie their full aroma. The quality of these fruits is expressed most strongly in the EAUX-DE-VIE CŒUR: 20 kilograms per distilled liter, in order to ultimately retain only the heart, the “coeur de chauffe”, in which the intense and unadulterated aroma is captured. Copper, steam and more than 130 years of savoir-faire create a product that is typical of the Valais terroir: drop by drop, a pleasure.


Whisky 1610 - 43% vol

Säntisblick Destillerie Ltd.

Canton: SG


Various small 30 liter bourbon and sherry barrels from the first years of production were stored, selected and married to each other for 5 years in a natural cellar. On the nose you can feel vanilla, raisins and malt tones. This whisky is balanced on the palate, with fine, sweet, fruity tones of the malts and barrels used. The Säntisblick Destillerie is a young, innovative distillery near St.Gallen. 1610 stands for St. Gall's Day, October 16, the feast day for the founder of the city and canton of St. Gallen.


Falco Gin - 43% vol

Maurice Richard GmbH

Canton: SH


The Falco Gin impresses with the balance of its eight botanicals. The juniper is pleasantly present and is complemented by exotic fruits such as mango, lemon and orange peel, cardamom, pepper and three other secret ingredients. A timeless gin that delights a wide audience with its delicacy and yet intense character. To the delight of the three young entrepreneurs and inventors of Falco Gin, it has already won several national and international awards. Most recently, the Falco Gin was named “Best Swiss Classic” at the World Gin Awards 2020 in London.


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